Short Stories from Łazienki Park

Watching over Chopin with some Mazurka playing in the background.


“There’s nothing to look at.. They haven’t filled the pond after winter.”
“Too bad. We shouldn’t have met here—or in Poland, even. Everything is either too cold, or too grey.. Couldn’t even get a proper pink on my coat.”
“I presume so.. But if it was not for this place, we might not even meet at all!”
“But you would meet someone else!”
“… you’re actually right.”
Silence. And a small laugh knowing how special and un-special we are at the same time.
“… Chopin still looks cute.”

A couple with a suitcase.


“I wonder if they used to sit here too. Well, not literally.. I mean, looking at the same view as we are right now..”
“But in suits and draped dresses.”
“Haha. Yeah.. In suits and draped dresses. But isn’t it amazing? That we are watching some very, very old trees?”
“Well, you can also put it in another way.. That they have been watching us all along, coming and leaving..”
“.. let’s stay for a while. Before we leave again.”

In the middle of the bushes.


„The notion of missing someone becomes particularly mundane.. Now that we‘ve got Facebook and all that. Of course I‘ll be happy to see you again, but when I don‘t, we can always exchange messages.“
„Great! Just positive surprises then.“
„Kind of.. But I somehow feel guilty that I don‘t miss people. You, for instance. How can I not miss YOU? It‘s terrible. I‘m terrible.“
„Oh look at you.. Should I just not send you messages? If you don‘t want those feelings to die out..“
„Don‘t. I hate being sad.“
„Me too.“

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