In my room

I would watch (at least) two episodes of How I Met Your Mother while eating my awful stir-fry-tomato-cream-tortellini and smile along Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin (with her five dogs). I would stumble upon Amazon’s “Modern Love” trailer on YouTube, be brought to tears by it (will try to put a little context here: I cry to almost everything) and got caught on “What The World Needs Now is Love” playing on the end of the trailer.

I would then put the song on repeat and slow dance to it barefoot at that part of my room which happen to have a fluffy carpet. I would notice that I had a retro lamp and a retro lampshade over me while I was dancing, and that I could feel this bizarre feeling of familiarity (besides a lot of dust) under its warm, softly beaming light, and that this life and the people I was lucky enough to meet in it have given me everything.

I would look at the mirror and be in tears–smiling.

Basically just like what I did tonight.

(The answer to the question: What would you do if tonight is the last night of your life?)

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