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A Picture A Day definitely didn’t work.


[A Picture A Day]

I have, again, jumped into this deep, deep hole of non-writing-ness. Weird, because 1) I have less to do these days, meaning there’s more time to write (any) stuff 2) I know there are so much in this world to write about. I could even write a story about a sewer cap. (What is a sewer cap? .. You’re welcome.)

To my defense, the time I didn’t spend on working was actually spent in something else: massive reading. I think I have read more from January to February than I did in the entire 2018. Of course this makes me really happy but there’s also some sort of anxiety creeping in my subconscious mind whenever I try to write. Like a person saying “The books you read will always be better than anything you type out there. Those books contain serious research. The only research you’re doing on your posts is whether it has grammatical errors.” This person eventually won.


It seems like I forget what I wrote on this post about writing for fun. Aaaand in an attempt to bring it back to the party, I’m starting a challenge (side note: I’ve failed ALL self-declared-challenges so far (30 day of writing, 10 day of writing, weekly writing, daily exercise, ALL).. so no pressure), of writing a tiny bit about a photo everyday. The descriptions will mostly short, and I’m basically just excited how long will I stay on the routine. Should we decide a number?

Nah. We’ll be fine.

So happy reading, and until then, enjoy your days.



After a while, I decided to update my blog’s appearance (theme, color schemes, widgets (now you can listen to my favorite tunes, too!)).. which resulted in a brief crash (500 Internal Service Error) but was brilliantly fixed with the help of a friend (you know who you are, and thanks!).

To you, the chosen people who somehow clicked on this page and read this (thanks for stopping by, by the way), what do you think about the new theme? Works better? Sucks? Let me know in the comments!

I personally like the high response speed and the dynamic display, but the all-capital font on the Menu and the general typography could really be improved. Still looking for a way to work on this (probably has something to do with the CSS.. which I have no knowledge of).. or shouldn’t I? Should I just ignore a slight mismatch in my typography taste and instead educate myself on a more pressing global issue?

Papers and popsicle,


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halo mbak Tasha, come here to stop by and say hi! just started reading your blog and I enjoy your storytelling, especially about that fried eggs and nuggets. keep it up!

Hi hi hi, Neta! Thanks for paying a visit, and glad you liked it here. Good luck with your fried eggs 😉

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